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We remove squirrels . We remove raccoons. We  remove wildlife. We remove animals. We remove remove rats. We remove rodents.

We trap squirrels . We trap raccoons. We  trap wildlife. We trap animals. We trap  rats. We trap rodents.

Raccoon Removal Bethesda  Squirrel Control

Please call us to solve your animal removal problem. We have been serving Bethesda MD, Washington DC and Northern Virginia for over sixty years. You can trust Adcocck’s trapping to get the job done right and for a fair price.

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Squirrel Removal Bethesda Squirrel Control

Most folks who need the Bethesda Squirrel Control Company usually hear noises in the walls. The sounds can sound like scratchiness and even strange sounding animal noises. Example: The little squirrels in the den in your attic excited because Mommy squirrel cam home or they want to be fed. Basically when you have squirrels in a attic your attic becomes a nursery for anywhere from 3-8 young squirrel pups.

We trap squirrels, remove and control  squirrels and can prevent nuisance  squirrel problems. We regularly trap squirrels in attic, squirrels in fireplaces, squirrels in crawlspaces, squirrels in eaves, squirrels in fireplaces, squirrels in chimneys, squirrels in walls and sometime squirrels in a wood stove.

Squirrel removal Chevy Chase Squirrel  Control

We have had to remove a few squirrels from behind walls near Chevy Chase Md.

Squirrel removal Potomac Squirrel Control

Squirrels in the attic is the most common squirrel problem near Potomac Maryland.

Squyirrel removal Silver Springs Squirrel  Control

It takes a pretty good squirrel trapper to trap and control all the squirrels near Silver Springs MD.

Squirrel Removal Washington DC Squirrel Control

We do squirrel damage repair behind any of the damage caused by the squirrels that had invaded your home. We always use the best materials, blend in with the architecture of your home and squirrel proof your home.

 Raccoon Removal  Bethesda Raccoon Control

Raccoons cause a lot of mischief and that little bandit mask fits most of the raccoons we remove and control from Bethesda’s homes & attics. Raccoons have a special appendage that works like a thumb and they can even open up doors ,latches and get into and out of pretty much anything and they are also very clever and smart. But if I had to describe raccoons with just one word that word would be raccoons are DESTRUCTIVE.

We trap raccoons in many places and believe it or not all raccoons just don’t live in attics. We find raccoons in chimneys, raccoons in fireplaces, raccoons in eaves, raccoons in garages, raccoons in crawlspaces but the most common of all places raccoons go -you guessed it-raccoons in attics.

 Raccoon Removal  Chevy Chase Raccoon Control

Faulty chimney caps is the biggest reason for raccoons in fireplaces near Chevy Chase Maryland.

 Raccoon Removal  Potomac Raccoon Control

Raccoons & rabies can always be a big concern among the public when sick raccoons are observed in daylight near Potomac MD.

 Raccoon Removal  Silver Springs Raccoon Control

Eight raccoon kits in one raccoon den is our record raccoon den size near Silver Springs MD.

 Raccoon Removal  Washington DC  Raccoon Control

We have a pretty good record in both squirrel control & raccoon control near Bethesda, Silver Springs, Potomac, Chevy Chase and Washington DC.

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Need help with raccoons or squirrel control near Bethesda please remember to call the Bethesda Raccoon Squirrel Control Company !